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“Me So Cool” – Ca$h Out feat. Problem, Yakki Divioshi and Yummy Pearl

“That’s that infamous intro that everybody in the streets loves, man. The intro was shorter than that, but I went back in on it when I was completing the mixtape. I wanted it to be a group of rappers just going at each other in the sense of everybody in the booth just going in. Salute to Problem, Yakki and the hottest female killing it right now in the streets, Yummy. She did her thing at the end. I feel like it was just friendly competition and that’s what made it such a crazy intro. That and also the hook. The hook was just crazy. Me so cool [sings]. I switched it all the way around, so instead of “I’m cool” or “we cool”, it’s “me so cool.” I put a new phrase in place. I feel like that was one of the strongest intros released last year. It may even be the strongest intro since that Meek intro that’s been around for a couple years.”

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  • Carrlos Lyles


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