Ca$h Out Talks Cashing In On Regional Success and Life After Labels



“She Twerkin” – Ca$h Out

“I feel like that was the bounce back anthem. After we split ties with Epic Records and we made the move to be independent, we were trying to figure out what the next strategy would be and what the next record would be. I felt I should try something different and give the people one of those female records. I wanted to see if it would catch on. What’s better than great timing? At the time, everybody was twerking. You had a lot of twerk records, but I had the strongest anthem. I had the best twerk record as far as the beat and as far as the hook. It was on point and it really just opened all doors. I really think people started respecting me too once we dropped “She Twerkin”, because it was like this cat right here is just never giving up. He just keeps coming back with them anthems. We came to Epic already top 25 on the charts with “Cashin’ Out” and that was off of just moving strong. I feel like the success of “She Twerkin” was just another stepping stone for me to show the world my potential, because some people kept saying I was just a one-hit wonder.”

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