Boys Noize Breaks Down His Most Influential Albums



Justice – †

“Justice are very good friends of mine. In 2005, ‘06 and ‘07 we deejayed a lot of parties together and they were one of the very early supporters of my music too. Those parties were not just dance or club nights; those nights turned out to be completely punk rock with stagediving and stuff. That was crazy because it was just the music that made people do stupid things. I remember when “We Are Your Friends” came out in 2003-04. It was an instant classic, but it took three years till it got big. In 2005, their Waters of Nazareth EP came out and it was really something people just didn’t understand at first. I was pretty much the only DJ in Berlin playing the early Ed Banger Records stuff. It was also during the big minimal techno hype in Berlin. When I played “Waters of Nazareth,” it sounded like I was trying to destroy the sound system. Then again, two years later, people started to understand the sound and their funkiness in the noise they were doing. I love Justice because of their productions, but also because of their attitude. They got big without doing commercial stuff, they crossed over and that is the most satisfying thing ever. When I meet them, we talk a lot about how everything started and what the sound has become today.”

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