Bloody Beetroots On New Album “Hide,” Working With Paul McCartney, and Dennis Lyxzén of Refused



“Out of Sight”

“This is one of the most amazing stories of my humble career as a musician. Not only the chance of meeting Sir Paul McCartney but then to also make a song together with him and Youth – history, music, past, present, future all together.”

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  • Bas Schlüter

    “I produced this song with my friend Tai when I was in Munich the night after being robbed. The drop, to me, is so clearly inspired by the thief who stole my suitcase”

    Wow, i was at the Bloody Beetroots gig in Paradiso Amsterdam earlier this year, and i was so pumped to hear ‘Spank’ after the teasing of the track for so long. And right after that drop, the crowd went mental and some thief stole my brand new phone. It’s so weird to read that Spank is inspired by someone robbing Sir Bob, while the same happened to me while Sir Bob played the song!

  • Anonymous

    If you haven’t seen TBB live, do yourself a favor. Best live show on planet earth hands down. Lots of people out there claiming “artist” status but this dude is the real deal.

  • Trollforce


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