Biggie Smalls Is The Illest



“Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant.” – The Notorious B.I.G.

Happy Birthday, B.I.G.

  • jturtle03

    damn….beautiful. Learn people, learn

  • LO Lutero


  • LO Lutero

    I got a story to tell…

  • LO Lutero

    Biggie Smalls is the illest, your style is played out like Arnold and that “what you talkin bout Willis!”

  • LO Lutero

    People is mad I get more butts than ash trays, it’s fair when I get mine the fast way, ski mask ways, homie ransom notes, far from handsome but dang a brother tote, more guns than roses, poses visibly shook by the invisible bully!

  • justin

    my crew get dirty like cleats

  • Juan Bodre

    Clean Version? nice

  • Capitalistic

    Vamoose, you’re wack to me.

    Nice radio version!

  • M.A.D S.✡.L.A.R

    Suicidal Thoughts … atmosphere, words, theme! I really appreciate “Hold Ya Head” the version made with the Late Bob Marley, Pardon me y’all the Great Bob Marley…HB Young G !

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