Beyonce “Bow Down/I Been On”



Beyonce is back with a whole new sound. Elliott gives you his opinion of Mrs. Carter’s new track “Bow Down/I Been On”, on today’s episode of The Truth.

  • Rafey Sattar

    “Don’t just think I’m just his little wife…”. Interesting to see her try to disassociate herself from, or at least distinguish herself beyond, her husband’s career. I never actually thought she needs to do that. She’s got quite the rep herself! #thetruth

  • Robert Horton

    I liked the Bow Down half better, but I love when she raps on I Been On it’s the funniest crap ever!!! When she says “Whoop dat trick! And what they do?… Whoop dat trick!!!) LOL

  • DBT

    Good production, but she is the wrong artist for Bow Down. Also, the backing track is way too loud. If you are going to have Beyonce on your track you better make it worth it. I like the experiment on I Been On. I think a better mix for this hybrid is to have another artist do a guest spot on Bow Down and Beyonce can do the same rap on I Been On with some “regular” vocal overdubs to make it recognisable as Beyonce.

  • zeesacc82

    Im ready B…..

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