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Rooted in the conflict for democracy in Burma, the documentary Art As A Weapon looks at how street art and Buddhism are working together. From Buddhist monks writing poetry to school kids learning how to use spray paint and renowned artist Shepard Fairey making an appearance to lend his support, the documentary aims to not only use “art as a weapon,” but also as an agent of change.

  • Jeff Durkin

    This is a very unique film mixing art, politics, religion and war. Everything that makes us human. Only 16 days help us make it happen on Kickstarter. Jeff Durkin /director

  • Jeff Durkin

    A very unique film mixing art, politics, religion and war- everything that makes us human. ONLY 16 DAYS LEFT TO SUPPORT THIS FILM. Visit our kickstarter page above to help out. Jeff Durkin / Director

  • Iam Tmnk

    Regarding Shepard Fairey and The Jeffrey Durkin Film: Art As A Weapon – THIEVES!!!!!In this age of Social Networking, everything is hands on. So, it is safe to say that JEFFREY DURKIN is aware that there is a problem. YET, not one response or apology. Instead the FUND RAISING MACHINE continues. I do not appreciate, that especially on a day for giving thanks, a commercial entity is attempting to profit on MY LOGO Art Is My Weapon, and My brand Art Is My Weapon. JEFFREY DURKIN wake the fuck up, and more importantly STAND THE FUCK UP!

    The first requirement of a Documentary Filmmaker is to FIRST RESEARCH your subject matter. And There is NO way in Hell if you did any research on STREET ART and Activism for PEACE and Humanity that you could NOT have come across TMNK or My Art Is My Weapon LOGO.

    And Given other Imagery thievery by Shepard Fairey and company, nah I don’t think its a coincidence.

    Just Like I dont Think Its a coincidence that each I time I post My Art Is A Weapon Logo, someone from your site takes it down.

    Shouldnt YOU be supporting MY movement??

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