Amy Winehouse feat. Nas “Like Smoke”



RIP, Amy

  • George

    Like smoke is fire. Nas and Amy sound good together. RIP Amy Winehouse

  • George

    This is Fire! Amy Winehouse RIP

  • John Maduka

    Wicked!!! Loving this… :)

  • Joseph Onyango

    This real BLEND,amy RIP,my man NAS carry on with the croos

  • Liya

    I never wanted you to be my man, I just needed company-story of my life. miss u amy

  • N

  • Theycallme Evansiano

    Amy …i wish i new you earlier…Big up Nasir nice tune

  • Aneiro Brown

    this is fire…nas is that nucca…r.i.p. AW

  • Tonnesen Deborah

    WOW WHAT CAN BE SAID that has not been said already!….ERM, Amy was and always will be in a league of her own.
    She came she saw she conquerd! There would be no Adelle and many other new female face’s, we have come to know, if Our Amy never put it out there!……
    Thank God, We had the pleasure!……R.I.P…Miss Amy Winehouse, thanks for the memories Baby Doll….Missing You Alway’s. X

  • Shameka Lynch

    love it

  • Yvette Interrupted

    sweet, love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Darlene Upchurch

    Always will love you Amy! R.I.P baby girl!

  • Bieta Sararaprod

    I LOVE

  • Haga Simon


  • Mathieu Puydenus

    L <3 V E

  • Suhail Attar

    this one song to love really this girl is beyond what is going on nowadays much love for you amy and by the way the rapping was good nas keeps the real good rap

  • mia alien


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