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Life + Times spends the day with soccer prodigy Charles Renken, 17, as he says goodbye to his adoptive parents and embarks on the journey of his life as he goes to Germany to play for TSG Hoffenheim.

  • TheProphet3000

    First! Keep it up on this dope ass website!

  • JayK

    Looks like a great story, sparked my interest in the kid, good luck to him! Go USA soccer

  • Jeff

    Awesome video. Best of luck to both Charles Renken and Joe Gyau at TSG Hoffenheiim. Hopefully having a fellow Amercan there makes it easier for both of them.

    Renken seems like a great kid, love the attitude.

  • Anonymous

    wassup with the quality??

  • Edward E. Dillahunt Jr.

    As one soccer lover to the next Charles do ya thang I’ll be watching.

  • Edward E. Dillahunt Jr.

    Charles keep doing your thang…I’ll be watching. North Carolina

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Inspirational Videos! Being an African living in the states myself, I clearly understand what Charles went through as far as accommodating to the new culture, and he did good by staying true to who he is. Good move Charles, I wish you the bes.
    I’ll be watching your steps to this journey to greatness!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t nobody see it he looks like kemba walker or is it just me but he’s going to be great look out for him

  • Sebastien Tran

    Great video story guys!

  • Anonymous

    Soccer is the #1 sport in the world !!

  • Anonymous


  • Ndumiso Nkomo

    I wish the brother all the best.

  • Grayson Smith

    I am very happy that he is going to a strong club in an attack minded footballing country with another young promising American already there (Joseph Gyau). I am also happy that he is not at a super rich club and will therefore be afforded more opportunities for promotion to the first team. I just hope that he can stay healthy. He is a true wunderkind.

  • Roberto Felgueiras

    Love how soccer (futbol) is getting more coverage on this site. I’m digging’ the broad vision.

  • Swish Whitfield

    Charles Renken has been a beast since he was in Bradenton. He was young as hell playing with older squad members. Good to see him playing in the Bundesliga. Watch out for Kellen Gulley tho!!!

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